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What People Say
I love the subscription program because it includes free maintenance, if there is any problems I can just call them up to get it fixed.
Ella Tiu, Astoria NY
“No more subway. Now I commute on my own schedule with beautiful views of the city.”
Ryan Power, Brooklyn, NY

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Mount Myōkō

We want you to have the best experience.  Pro-active maintenance, upgrades, and on-demand support.  Our team of mechanics will keep your scooter in top shape. All the time.

Should anything happen while riding, give us a call and we will help you out.

Never worry about your scooter being stolen again.  We outfitted the scooter with a GPS lock and tracker, so if the scooter is stolen, we will find it. Meanwhile we will get you a new scooter.


Carry or roll the scooter around.  It's light and quick to fold.  Ideal to complement public transportation.

GPS Lock For Total Peace of Mind 


All you need to do is enjoy the ride.  Our expert mechanics will keep your scooter running smooth.

Light & Portable

Going for a coffee? Now you can leave the scooter outside tied to a fixed object.  If someone moves it you will receive a warning via text message.

Worry-free Riding Experience


How does the subscription work?
The first month is $99.99 then only $39.99 per month.  With this, you get a premium scooter and the peace of mind that we will take care of maintenance and servicing the scooter so you always have a ride in top shape.

What happens if the scooter gets stolen?
If the scooter is stolen, you will receive a replacement while we track it down.  We ask that you always lock the scooter and that in the event of theft to get a police report.

Can I buy the scooter?
Yes, you can buy a brand new scooter for $1499.99 

Can my payments be used for buying the scooter?
Yes, the payments you make will count toward the final purchase price if you decide to buy it.

Will I get a brand new scooter?
Consider this is a “long-term scooter sharing” so you will get a new scooter or a scooter that has been used but is in top condition.  You can swap scooters at any time in case you are not happy with the one you received. 

What happens if the scooter breaks down while riding?
Call our customer assistance number 800 560 7649.  We will assess the situation and will respond accordingly.

How do I get the scooter serviced?
Call our customer assistance number 800 560 7649 and you can book a service, either at our office or one of our mechanics will come to you.

How do I get/return the scooter?
Orders placed before 6 pm will be delivered the next day.  If you like you can also stop by our office and pick one up.  (368 Broadway NYC)

Where is the subscription service available?
Currently, we offer the subscription service in NYC.  If you are outside the NYC Metro area, send us a note and we will see how we can get you riding one of our electric vehicles.

More questions?  Send us a note:

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Technical Specs
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The first month is $99.99, and $39.99/mo thereafter.

Pre-Ordering now, you get the first month free ($99.99 off).

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